No Resolutions for Me

Happy New Year! It strikes me as I sit here writing this that I haven’t even attempted to think up any New Year’s resolutions. This might be the first year I’ve never done it. I woke up this morning and ate a donut with a cup of hot chocolate. There are people this morning going through their kitchens and junking all the carbs in sight.

I’m sitting here pregnant with my daughter, listening to my husband read, “Hooper Humperdink, Not Him” to our two year old son and I don’t think there’s one thing I would change about this up coming year. I know, I know, you’re rolling your eyes thinking, ‘Oh God, another blog about appreciating the small things in life, been there, done that, burned the t-shirt’.

But the funny thing is that one of the great gifts that children can give you is just that, appreciating the small things, and I mean the REALLY small things, in life.

Before I had my son, a shower was a shower and it could be as long as I wanted it to be. It could be taken at eleven o’clock, right after I had gotten up and right before I casually walked to Speeder and Earls and downed two huge cups of coffee. This coffee was purchased with money that I had no problem tossing away on expensive, yet GLORIOUS coffee! I went to movies all the time and had long adult conversations, sometimes complaining that there never seemed to be time to do anything. Every New Years Eve, I would sit and think about my resolutions, keeping none of them. I had this incredibly easy going life, yet each year there where things I wanted to change about it.

But now, now things are a little different. The shower is an enormous luxury. It has become a steaming, soap filled cavern of wonders like the cave in Aladdin and just like the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin, you have a limited time to experience its pleasures.

Coffee still exists. It’s transformed from a mystical process that occurred just outside your vantage point with steam and cool people with dreads and tattoos asking about your morning, to shoving some grounds from a can into the stained coffee maker while singing endless rounds of “The Wheels on the Bus.” But God, doesn’t that 99 cent brown water taste amazing when it hits your lips? You drink it hot, cold and black and it’s wonderful.

You no longer go to movies, but watch them at home after your son is in bed. Sure, you’re not experiencing surround sound or Hugh Jackman’s face as big as a mac truck, but your couch is ten times more comfy than those movie theater seats and no one looks twice if you carry an entire vat of ice cream into the movie with you.

Adult conversations, oooooooo, they’re an aphrodisiac now. They’re amazing! I spent thirty minutes talking to my husband about whether “The Wolf of Wall Street” was a good movie and I think it might be the reason my daughter is on the way.

Honesty alert: I always hate it when people who have children try to make people who don’t have children feel bad about complaining about their lives. We chose this path, didn’t we? No one tells you that having a baby is going to provide you loads of sleep, time with your partner and money. In fact, they tell you the opposite, you will have no money, no sleep and your partner will end up being a roommate if you’re not careful. But we still choose to have children because despite all of that, it’s incredible. This whole year has been incredible, even the hard parts. I love my son more than I can even express and I can’t fathom that in two short months that love will grow when my daughter is born.

So, eye roller, yes, this blog did turn into another, ‘enjoy the small things’ blog and yes, there’s probably nothing new to glean from it. I’ve always said that this blog is about honesty and honestly… I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this year than take an amazing shower, sip my Chock Full of Nuts while watching 22 Jump Street, talk to my husband about whether Jonah Hill was funnier before he lost weight and let the resolutions slide.





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