“Unbroken” or as I See It, “That Poor Woman”

What is it about going to an inspirational movie? I just got home from seeing “Unbroken” with my best friend and I honestly felt, for the length of five minutes, after the movie ended that I could take on the world. Then I stepped out to my car and started complaining about how cold it was. I’m pretty sure that if I were a prisoner in a Japanese prison camp, I definitely wouldn’t be the one they would make a multi-million dollar movie about. I would be the one that cried the entire time and begged for some Oreos and milk… not much story there, except maybe a really good advertising campaign for Oreo cookies. ( By the way, have you had the birthday cake flavored ones? They are a miracle between two pieces of awesome!)

The movie did get me thinking though. I don’t want to spoil the ending for you guys, but Louis Zamperini, the lead character, does make it to freedom at the end of the movie and goes on to marry and have two children. Could there be anything better to prepare you for fatherhood? Probably not. I can just see Louis Zamperini changing his son’s explosive diaper or dealing with crying children at two in the morning and laughing the entire thing off. But that leads me to thinking, did men change explosive diapers in the 1950’s? Well, even if he didn’t do that, he, at least, had to deal with his pregnant hormonal wife and his post natal hormonal wife.

Good God, I just thought of something… can you imagine being married to Louis Zamperini? Can you imagine going through child birth with that man? How could you complain about anything?

“Honey, I don’t know if I can do this. The pain is just so bad.”

“You don’t know if you can do this? I was punched in the face everyday multiple times by one hundred men. You don’t know if you can do this.”

“Honey, my nipples are really sore today. I just wish there was something we could do so that this breast feeding wasn’t so uncomfortable all the time.”

“Your nipples are sore? Your nipples are sore? When I was at that camp I would have begged for soar nipples! BEGGED!

“Louis, I’m feeling a little isolated, do you mind if I step out and take some time with some friends for a little bit?”

“Isolated! Isolated? I was in a three by three box for months on end, never knowing when I would get out and then when they did let me out I was beaten within an inch of my life. But, sure, you go Dear, you have a great time. We wouldn’t want you to feel ISOLATED.”

Wow, this blog just blew my mind as I sit here writing it. If I ever watch that movie again, I’m going to look at that epilogue with new eyes. Mr. Zamperini, you were an amazing man and totally worth the Cohen brothers and Angelina Jolie documenting your life. But, Mrs. Zamperini, whew, my hats off to you. I’m extremely happy, for many reasons, that my husband was never a POW, least of which is the fact that when I’m in labor with my daughter, I will have no guilt in saying that I’m scared or that it hurts like hell. Please feel free to write a parental advice book anytime as I would be the first to read it.

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