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Sorry PETA: Non-ethical Pregnancy Cravings

I should be hanging my head in shame. If my high school self could see me right now, she would be winding up to back hand this future me.

When I was in high school, I was a strict vegetarian. I was that kid that everyone hates. I had a bumper sticker on my car that was pro-vegetarian, brought my own food to barbecues at friend’s houses and would always do projects against factory farming in classes. In fact, factory farming was and still is, something that I feel pretty passionately about.

But that all changed when I became pregnant with Henry. Guess what happened? I craved meat! I wanted a hamburgers so badly and ALL. THE. TIME. Suddenly the vegetarian lifestyle flew out the window and my inner carnivore took hold. I ate the first hamburger I had had in 18 years on the porch of the Jericho Tavern and Pub. It was a miracle between two buns. But I was telling myself that this was locally raised meat and in no way promoted factory farming. I was secure in my decision because the reality was, I wasn’t going to stop eating that burger for anyone.

Life went on and now I’m pregnant with my daughter. The meat craving didn’t return this time, but I have a raging ice cream craving. I never know when or where it’s going to hit. It was really bad a few months ago and then, for some unseen reason, seemed to go away. But now it’s back with a vengeance and has me driving to dum, dum, duuuummm Burger King! My high school self just passed out on the floor.

My hands were almost shaking when I pulled into the drive through. Am I really going to do this? Am I really going to fork over two dollars to these factory farming jerks for the sake of a craving? Yup, I totally did. I’m going to PETA hell. Not only did I do it that night, but I did it the night after and the night after that. Burger King now has six of my dollars in their pocket and I have ingested three of their medium strawberry milkshakes, which were pure bliss.

The sad thing is I even watched them make it from the window tonight. I saw my milkshake in powdered form and then in tube form and never once was turned away from the buying process. In fact, I found the whole thing just made me more invigorated as it meant that I would soon have that hot pink wonder in my hand in a matter of seconds. That’s the way pregnancy cravings go. It’s all you can think of all day, like a wild, rabid dog in search of blood. Then, when you finally get it, you calm and are able to be human again, or at the very least stop foaming at the mouth.

But there you have it. I have compromised my beliefs already for this child. I have done something that I never thought I would ever do because of pregnancy cravings and you know what? I don’t care. Sometimes when your pregnant and have a big list of things you can and can’t eat and do, it’s nice to through caution to the wind and piss off PETA.

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