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Thank You President Trump: A Letter I Never Thought I Would Write

Dear President Trump,

I bet you had to double check the return address on this envelope a couple times, huh? I bet you never, in your entire life, thought that I would be writing to you.

Well, here I am and guess what? I’m not only writing to you, but I’m thanking you too! Amazing! Even I never thought that both of these things were possible. But they are. Here is the writing part and here, right down here, is the thank you.

Thank you, President Trump for forcing me to become more politically active. After all of the policies being changed without my or the millions of other women in our country’s health given a moment’s thought, what else could I do? Before you began your bid for the presidency, I was never politically active. If my friends were talking about politics, I found other friends to talk to. The words senate, legislature, congress and veto might as well have been in a foreign language. And you know the biggest kicker? I didn’t care. I didn’t think I needed to know anything about politics. Someone else was taking care of that for me. I could simply focus on who got voted off some reality show or that new funny cat meme on my FaceBook newsfeed. But not anymore.

Thank you President Trump for showing me that I need to be politically active. I need to know what’s being voted on in Washington every day and who is voting on it. My future and the future of my daughter’s health depends on it.

Thank you President Trump for getting me to read more. Before you took office, I was a channel surfer and an information speed demon. If it didn’t come in a five minute package and was flashy, I didn’t have the time or the attention span for it. But not now, I realize that my only defense against you and others like you is to use the incredible privilege I have as an American and educate myself. Read and read a lot. I need to be more well read and more well rounded. Thank you for showing me that a mass of well educated women will eventually be the water that when thrown on you, will cause you to melt.

Thank you for getting me to realize my physical strength and the importance of it. Since you have won the presidency, I have found myself setting physical goals for myself: 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathons. To be physically strong gives me the confidence it takes to stand up for myself and others needing a voice. There will be a lot of people in danger of losing their voices over the next four years. I also like the thought of being able to do something that it doesn’t seem like I can do, like run at least seven miles without stopping.

Thank you for finally showing me that one person can make a difference. Before you took office, that expression meant nothing to me. It was a bumper sticker on the back of some road salt covered Subaru. But now I know it means something. While writing this letter to you, I am currently 34 years old, if I continue to take fairly good care of myself, I have about 40 good years left in this body and mind. 40 years. These two hands and this brain can do a lot of good for the people you and your cabinet seem to want to erase or simply pretend never existed. I plan to use my remaining 40 years doing some form of service to those you choose to marginalize. Thank you for helping me finally see past the bumper sticker.

And finally, thank you for getting me to love my children even more than I do now. I didn’t think it was possible for me to love them any more than I do, but you proved to me that I can. My son has autism and I have a daughter. My children represent the very same types of people you and your cabinet seem to think are disposable: a future woman and a special needs child. The more you and your cabinet degrade, disrespect and dishonor my children and those like them, the closer and tighter I put my arms around them. And the more I realize how much my love and their father’s love is worth. It’s worth a lot more than any of the hate you and your cabinet spew in the media on a daily basis.

So thank you, President Trump, thank you for all of the things mentioned above. And now that I’ve said that maybe you’ll be okay with this woman and millions of others doing everything in our power to never have to say thank you to you again.

With Kindness and Love,

Meredith Gordon

Mom, Writer, Political Activist

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