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The Silver Screen: My Other Therapist

Yesterday was a rough day. My two year old is, well, a two year old and because my son is on the spectrum, he is very sensitive to the sound of screaming. You can only guess what that looks like on a bad day, right?


One screams, they both scream. The screaming from the older one fuels the screaming of the younger and the vicious cycle continues, leaving me to sound like the guy trapped between Harry and Lloyd in the truck in “Dumb and Dumber”.

“Guys! Guys! Why don’t we just listen to the radio or something?”

Andy came home, I had just given myself a time out in the bathroom while both kids were, miraculously, busying themselves.

“I’ve got the kids. You get out of here.” Have I mentioned my husband should be elected for sainthood? I give him a kiss, tell him dinner’s made (it’s a frozen pizza) and I’m out of there to engage in the therapy I’ve engaged in since I was a child, the movies!

I LOVE going to the movies! I love going by myself to the movies! Some people may think it’s depressing, but those people either have never tried it or are extreme extroverts.

Although I enjoy talking with people, I love the idea of sitting in a big dark theater all by myself and totally experiencing the escapism.

Ever since I can remember movies have been my drug of choice.

I was lucky enough to grow up watching Charlie Chaplin, the Marx Brothers, Cary Grant and all of the classics. I think I was the only six year old that was counting down the days until she could see “City Lights” on the big screen at the Flynn theater. I still remember not being able to read the dialog fast enough and having my mom lean over and whisper it in my ear. This is one of my most cherished childhood memories.

When I was a teenager, I was never sneaking out the window to meet friends for all night drinking parties. I was hold up in my room with my TV/VCR combo watching movie after movie after movie.

It was my way of dealing with the stress of being a teenager. If I could just get that VHS tape into the machine, all would be well. The world would go away for two hours and I could breath again.

As I went out in life, I found more and more people like me. In fact, talk to any film buff… I bet they had a rough go in their teenage years too.

Last night I went to see “Wonder Woman” and joined the masses of people hailing it for the great film it is. Some nights I’m not as lucky, the movie isn’t as good, but I still get what I need. Two hours away from my life to reset.

For $7.50, that’s a bargain.


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