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I Love my Sweatpants and I Don’t Care Who Knows It

Okay, so maybe I’m going to be revealing too much about myself here, but the fact is that I love sweatpants. Out of all the pants in the world, and I’ve tried many, sweatpants are my absolute favorite.

When you see me out in my sweatpants well… you know you’ve seen me. I wear them everywhere and nearly anywhere (I’ve never worn them to a funeral) without shame! No shame a’tall. (That’s the first time I’ve ever written the word “a’tall”)

I do own a couple pairs of jeans, both with huge gaping holes in the knees. And I recently acquired a pair of honest to God “fancy pants”. They are yellow, rock star cut and amazing. You know if you see me in those pants, I have to dress up and would secretly rather be wearing my sweatpants.

I have two types of sweatpants, my “home sweatpants” and my “show sweatpants”. What divides the “home sweatpants” from the “show sweatpants”, you might ask? The “home sweatpants” would probably make you gag from the amount of stains on them and the “show sweatpants” are kept in the top drawer, no stains, just beautiful virgin jersey knit.  I’ve just moved myself up to three pairs of “show sweatpants”, so forgive me if I act a little “new money” if I see you out and about while wearing them. I just can’t contain the joy.

I also have a vast collection of hooded sweatshirts and snow hats. This is my aesthetic. Role out of bed, on great days take a shower and put on my buddies. My friends.

I am currently writing this blog to you in all three of my buddies while sipping coffee out in public. It’s wonderful.

Pumps? High heels? Nope. Vans, Converse and Nike. My other best friends. I do have one pair of fancy shoes, which I occasionally wear with my fancy pants. I usually pair that (listen to me, “pair that”, going all Project Runway up in here) with a black blouse I scored at a clothing swap and a scarf. Boom! Business, must look nice Meredith, has been activated.

But normal Meredith longs for her wonderful sweatpants. I don’t have time for jeans! No way.

Here’s the deal. On a daily basis, I am cleaning up toys, dealing with melt downs, hefting kids around, making human bridges with my body. I don’t need a pair of jeans to be poking into my stomach, telling me I still have a lot of stomach left to work off. No body shaming pants for me.

No Sir.

My sweatpants love me no matter what. They are soft. They are comfortable and warm. Why would I ever leave them? This relationship is incredible.

So on those days, parents when you feel like you’re just not pulled together enough. Just remember there is someone out there trying to make this work who is wearing “show sweatpants”.

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