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What If my Kids Aren’t Athletic?

When you hold your baby for the first time, you look at them as a bundle of hopes and dreams completely unformed. Oh the countless possibilities for this tiny soul. Then once the rush of having that baby is over and reality sinks in, you begin to understand. Yes, this baby has millions upon billions… Continue reading What If my Kids Aren’t Athletic?

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I Love my Sweatpants and I Don’t Care Who Knows It

Okay, so maybe I'm going to be revealing too much about myself here, but the fact is that I love sweatpants. Out of all the pants in the world, and I've tried many, sweatpants are my absolute favorite. When you see me out in my sweatpants well... you know you've seen me. I wear them… Continue reading I Love my Sweatpants and I Don’t Care Who Knows It

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Hallmark Holidays Don’t Exist

Okay people, so here's the deal. I'm going to let you off the hook and in turn, I'm going to let myself off the hook. Hallmark holidays do. not. exist. And you know something else? They never will. There, it's out there and I said it. Maybe in some small way, I feel like that… Continue reading Hallmark Holidays Don’t Exist

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Clowns and Anxiety: Panic at the Circus

Okay, I can't stand clowns. I hate them. So you know how much I love my kids? I love my kids enough to make going to the circus every summer a tradition. A tradition!!! I willingly put myself in clownsway every year so that my children can go to the circus AND hopefully NOT have… Continue reading Clowns and Anxiety: Panic at the Circus

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Family Mealtime Equals Family Helltime

Mealtime. Family mealtime. The concept is truly an incredible one that I look forward to. That Stouffer's Stuffing commercial family mealtime image of everyone laughing, passing around big wooden bowls of steaming stuff and the best part of the commercial? The damn kids are actually eatting the freaking food! There's no bargaining, compromising on bites,… Continue reading Family Mealtime Equals Family Helltime